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IGS 2017

17th Conference of the
Graphonomics Society

21-24 June 2015
Pointe--Pitre, Guadeloupe

Drawing, Handwriting Processing and Analysis: New Advances and Challenges


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17th IGS Conference: 21-24 June 2015 Pointe--Pitre, Guadeloupe (IGS2015) "Drawing, Handwriting Processing and Analysis: New Advances and Challenges"

16th IGS Conference: 10-13 Jun. 2013 Naraa, Japan (IGS2013) "Learn from the Past"

15th IGS Conference: 12-15 Jun. 2011 Live Aqua Cancun, Mexico (IGS2011) "Translational Graphonomics"

14th IGS Conference: 13-16 Sep. 2009 Dijon, France (IGS2009)

13th IGS Conference: 11-14 Nov. 2007 Melbourne, Australia (IGS2007)

12th IGS Conference: 26-29 Jun. 2005 Salerno, Italy (IGS2005)
"Advances in Graphonomics: Perceiving, Deciding, Acting"

11th IGS Conference: 02-05 Nov. 2003 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (IGS2003) "Connecting Sciences Using Graphonomic Research"

10th IGS Conference: 06-08 Aug. 2001 Nijmegen, The Netherlands (IGS2001) "Motor Disorders"

9th IGS Conference: 28-30 Jun. 1999 Singapore, Singapore (IGS1999)

8th IGS Conference: 24-29 Aug. 1997 Genoa, Italy

7th IGS Conference: 6-10 Aug. 1995 London, Ontario, Canada

6th IGS Conference: 4-7 Jul. 1993 Paris, France

5th IGS Conference: 27-30 Oct. 1991 Tempe, Arizona, USA

4th IGS Conference: 24-26 Jul. 1989 Trondheim, Norway

3rd IGS Conference: 20-23 Jul. 1987 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2nd IGS Conference: 8-12 Jul. 1985 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

1st IGS Conference: 12-15 Jul. 1982 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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